1. Wet your dome with warm water
    2. Lather a small amount of HED Wash in hands and massage onto your head in a circular motion
    3. Rinse thoroughly with warm water
    • Quick Tip!
      Our wash is custom made for your dome. While shampoo, face wash, or body wash have a drying effect on your scalp, the HED Wash hydrates your dome and keeps it squeaky clean
    1. Get a good lather going
      • Squeeze the desired amount of HED Shaving Lather on to your palm
      • Rub in circular motions and work into a lather
      • Apply lather directly to the dome
    2. Shave against the grain to get a close shave
    3. Our HED After Shave balances your skin’s pH, cools and soothes any irritation that shaving may have left behind. Apply it right after your shave for the best results
    1. Because the skin on your head is exposed to the elements, hydration is essential for a healthy dome.
      • Our HED Hydration gel will allow you to reach an optimal result without the annoying shine you would get from a traditional cream.
    • Quick Tip!
      You can use HED Hydrate on both your neck and face as well!
    1. Always carry this with you. Your dome needs protection from the sun’s harmful rays and HED Suncreen does the job for you.
    2. Try to use it every few hours and whenever you go out in the sun for optimal protection.


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