Bald men have drastically different skincare needs that have never been properly addressed… until now!

Watch the video to find out why your dome needs special care.


Our HED Scrub and HED Wash go hand-in-hand to ensure your bald head is adequately prepared for anything that comes its way. HED Scrub has a powerful exfoliating agent to remove dead skin cells while HED Wash will remove all excess dirt and oil. HED Wash is a state-of-the-art formula that combines the benefits of rosehip seed oil and seaweed extract to remove dirt and excess oil, leaving your dome hydrated and squeaky clean.

  • Oil Control
    Because most men choose to shave their heads (i.e. they still have living follicles that are growing hair), they are still producing sebum or oils that inherently make their heads more shiny. This means that oil controlling products are necessary to prevent a shiny head.
  • DHTIf you’ve ever seen a bald person, or are bald yourself, you may have noticed a shiny, oily appearance to their or your scalp. This is caused by the build-up of sebum (natural oils secreted from your scalp). This sebum not only blocks pores, inhibiting hair follicles from growing, it also causes hair loss at the root, thanks to the DHT in it.
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With HED shaving solutions, you'll be gloriously shaving with products created specifically for your bald head. Our shaving lather teams up with your razor to relax and protect follicles, leaving your dome soft and moisturized through the whole shaving process. Jojoba oil, avocado oil, and shea butter join forces in the bottle to guarantee a perfect shave every time. Our use of witch hazel, aloe, and eucalyptus in the HED After Shave Cooling Tonic balances your scalp’s PH for a post-shave smoothness. This potion will have you believing in magic.

  • Oil Control
    The skin on your head is tighter than the skin on your face, therefore the it is easier to cut yourself. A proper shaving lather is necessary to produce a glide that allows your razor conquer your hairs with ease.
  • Skin Irritation When shaving your head, you must take into account the amount of surface area you are covering. Given that you are shaving a few times per week, you are destined to get lazy and cut yourself and irritate your skin.
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Within our Care Collection, you'll find all kinds of products that have all sorts of benefits ranging from scalp-polishing to beard conditioning. Whether you're looking for a mattifier or a state-of-the-art hydration formula, we've got everything you need to make your scalp look and feel as healthy as possible.

  • Moisturizing
    Your head is constantly exposed to the elements. Whether it be a strong gust of wind upon the top of your head or the sun shining down and imposing it's rays on your skin, your head is undergoing a lot of stress. To combat this stress, you must ensure that you are hydrating and moisturizing your head.
  • Anti-Aging Just like skin on other parts of your body, over time you will see aging effects. With your head being constantly exposed, the skin on your head is prone to aging faster, therefore making sure you care for your skin with anti-aging products is a must.
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Protection against the sun’s rays is essential for a healthy dome. In this collection, you'll find sunscreen tailored to the sensitive skin on your scalp. HED Sunscreen broad-spectrum, SPF 55 works to protect your precious dome from the sun. It’s water-resistant and keeps your head silky smooth thanks to zinc oxide and aloe vera. Go surfing or something.

  • Sun Protection
    Sun protection is key. Your head is the top-most part of your body, thus most susceptible to the sun's harsh rays. Without proper protection, you will suffer serious skin damage from the sun...skin cancer is a real thing. Making the act of putting on sunscreen a habitual practice in your daily life is the only way to ensure you are protected.
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Everything you need to look good, and feel even better.