Can Being Bald Save Your Life?

Yes. We said it. Going bald can actually save your life.

In this article, we will discuss a handful of perks bald men have and why it’s the best look.

First, let’s talk about the unnecessary fear of male pattern baldness. A study that was recently performed by HIS Hair Clinic found that 94% of men are scared of balding. Now the reason for this is partly due to bald shaming, an event where men are shamed for their receding hairlines. For all those balding guys out there, don’t be ashamed! Being bald is great and we’ll prove it!

Faster Metabolism:  Believe it or not, studies have shown that bald men have a faster metabolism. Bald men tend to have a lot of testosterone which is partly the cause for male pattern baldness. However, this high level of testosterone makes it easier to maintain a healthy weight and develop more muscle mass. So what we're trying to say is that when your hair disappears, a few lbs might leave with it.

Smarter? Yes, it’s true, bald men are perceived as smarter, but is that really surprising? Some of the most successful men in the world are bald like Jeff Bezos and Llyod Blankfein. A study was also done at the University of Pennsylvania which proves that bald men are seen as more masculine, attractive, taller, and intellectual.
Saves Lives: A bald head can save your life. How, you might ask? Well, the answer is vitamin D. Bald men are exposed to more sun, so their body has to produce more of this vitamin. Since Vitamin D is known to reduce the chance of prostate cancer, your bald head is actually helping you steer away from a life-threatening disease.

Alright now you know, a bald head can actually save your life!

I hope this article helped you guys out and I’ll be back soon with more interesting facts and tidbits of information for all you baldies out there.